Bye Bye Ironhand

That copy of Tom Moldvay's adventure module Seren Ironhand is not sold. I was in a bit of a bidding duel with a fella called grodog_of_greyhawk, but dbartman swooped in with a final winning bid of $25.39. That's still more than I was willing to pay, but getting closer to my price range. If seller hamilcar really has a case of these somewhere, maybe I can afford one once all the deep-pocket collectors have their copies.
I used to think that I was the only Tom Moldvay fan out there. Then I met grubman over on, but I thought he was just another lone freak like me. (Yes, that's two lone freaks.) But then I found this poll over at  Seems at least 36 other people like the Moldvay Basic/Cook Expert version of D&D.  Maybe we should form a fanclub!  Probably not.  All those folks might well hate Moldvay's other work.  Enthusiasts for his RPG Lords of Creation seem to be about as common as hen's teeth.